5 Business Tips For Taking Advantage Of Social Distancing

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5 Business Tips For Taking Advantage Of Social Distancing

     There's no doubt that the global COVID pandemic has placed a heavy weight on the shoulders of small businesses worldwide. It has a lot of entrepreneurs wondering, "how do I make money while my doors are closed?", "how do I ensure the traffic I need to keep things running when doors open back up?", and for those who are having a hard time adjusting to working from home the question can simply sometimes be "what can I do?". Based on common problems we're seeing, here are some solutions.


  Tip 1: Make sure your physical inventory is available to your customers online

     Most businesses, already have this done through a website, online marketplace, blog or social media page. However, especially during a pandemic, it's needless to say that this is a very important first step. With the world trapped at home with their devices, your online market is your best market. 


  Tip 2: Strengthen your SEO

     SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it controls your ranking on popular search engines like google, bing, yahoo and so much more. Google searches are climbing because people are home, bored and anxious; they look to search engines for solutions and entertainment in hoards. Now is the time to lock down your digital presence. Not sure how? Here's how our SEO Services can help.

     Hire us to audit your SEO. We take a look at your website to find errors and inefficiencies. We then research some of your competitors and cross-reference their data against yours. We analyze your risk to be penalized by Google and make an action plan to improve your store. All this information is submitted as a final report after the audit. 

     If you prefer a more hands-off approach, we could optimize your SEO on your behalf. We use completely white hat methods, meaning you won't get flagged by any search engines for hacking or using any automated SEO bots. We conduct research on effective keywords, as well as your competitors. We optimize the sizing and metadata for all your images and site content. We optimize the speed of your website making sure it operates as efficiently as possible to convert more traffic into sales. This package also includes a few backlinks to your website that focus on the aforementioned keywords as well as many other methods of improving your SEO. All laid out in a comprehensive review after completion. 

     If you'd like to focus more on search engine rankings, consider a couple of orders of our Search Engine Submissions. We submit your URL to thousands of registered search engines across the internet; from the most popular to the most obscure. By doing this, we secure a network of citations that search engines will reference when deciding what order to present results in. 

     Last but not least, our guest posting services call on the power of our massive influencer network and get your URL linked to some of the highest authority blogs on the internet. Not only does this increase your traffic, but your search engine rankings also benefit from having been linked to by a popular blog or page. 


Tip 3: "Hey Alexa, Find me Business"

      The more time people spend at home, the more they will begin to rely on tools from their homes for survival, information, and entertainment. At the beginning of 2019, over 100 million Alexa products had been sold by Amazon; that is a huge market worth tapping into. Alexa's search engine algorithm works a little differently from google's although similar methods are used to rank higher on them. Our Alexa Ranking Service will help you rank higher on keywords for your business. It comes with special whitehat backlinks that can also help improve your website traffic.


Tip 4: Tap into traffic.

      Anybody scrolling through social media lately will begin to get a sense that everybody is online right now. The internet is like a massive city with almost 4.5 billion active citizens. Also in this city? Your website, blog, marketplace or more! Tapping into that 4.5 billion is a necessary part of making sales online. Our traffic boost service directs traffic to your website from social media and blogs across the internet. Why is our service important?

  • Organic, Whitehat AdSense-safe visitors
  • No bots or automated visiting!
  • By promoting your website through established networks, we can geotarget customers from specific countries or provinces
  • Quality visitors, low bounce rate, long visit duration
  • Trackable in Google Analytics and 100% safe to use with AdSense


Tip 5: Prepare For Reintegration

    At some point, this pandemic will end. When that time comes, Google searches will begin to decline. People will be out and about on routine and won't seek the same kind of information that they do now. However, a new type of search shoots up out of the darkness after a quiet few months, navigation software! Tourists will finally be comfortable flying in from their countries and residents will want to get out of the house and explore other neighborhoods, so navigation software is going to pick up a major portion of the search load and there's a way to tap into that too. 

     Local citations, much like online SEO for websites, create a network of recommendations to navigation search engines. This is the reason why navigation results aren't always in order of distance from the searcher. Brands and businesses with more digital presence and online clout will rank higher. 

     Our Google Maps Citation Services:

  • Increase Social buzz in your local area
  • Manually make google map citations to drive more suggestions to your business
  • Include adding driving directions from local hotspots to you
  • Set up some addressed backlinks
  • Cover your whole city/ area

    When the world begins to once again look for places to go, your business should rank at the top.