4 Steps For Influencers to Increase Their Online Presence

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4 Steps For Influencers to Increase Their Online Presence

Influencer marketing is the new digital spin on a timeless marketing channel that's pouring loads of leads and conversions to brands and businesses worldwide. Influencers are typically people with highly engaged and widespread online followers or subscribers. This marketing medium is the new take on word-of-mouth; except that it is more effective, more versatile, trackable and claimable on tax receipts. 

Do you consider your following and engagement up to the standard to make some income through influencer marketing? Are you already an influencer hoping to increase your following and engagement? We've got some tips and tricks for you, so let's begin!


Step 1: Your Niche

In the game of influencer marketing, content is key. The most natural way to gain a large following and increase your engagement is to find a niche that you understand and can give an interesting insight into; then make as much high-quality content as you could possibly make. 

Some niches have lots of worldwide interest meaning your potential for a large following is very high. Niches like health, fitness, travel, humor, luxury, beauty or spirituality fall into this category and can result in a massive following; however, these niches are highly-competitive and you'll be competing against some of the most powerful and well-known influencers in the world. This makes it tough to get big deals, gifts, partnerships or sponsors.

Other niches, like health conditions and disorders, religion, occupation-specific content, language or celebrity fandoms don't have as much of a potential for massive followings. These niches are more susceptible to "cult followings", which mean that people interested in the topic are very highly engaged and interested because content on this topic is a little rarer. 

Worried about making the right niche decision? Texuh Port can help! Our Influencer Research Services can:

  • Find niches that fit your content. We can make suggestions on niches for higher followings and some for higher engagement. 
  • Explore your niche and find your competition so you can see what kinds of content make the cut


Step 2: Your Brand

Pop quiz! Ready?

  1. Name 3 YouTubers. 
  2. Name 3 Instagram meme pages
  3. Without scrolling up, what's the name of this store?

Branding is important. Having a recognizable and memorable name and logo can really make the difference in making sure your followers stay engaged and invested in your online activity. 

People love being a part of something. What are your followers signing up to be a part of? What is your logo? Is your page personal? Is it more about an ideology? What's the tone of voice used in your content? Is it in first-person? Is it about a collective "we"? How does that reflect in all the content and captions? How does it reflect in your online SEO?

By answering all these questions, you can take decisive and effective steps toward building an engaged and active following.


Step 3: Content Quality

We don't all have hundreds of thousands of extra dollars lying around for expensive studio equipment, but low-quality content gets swept under the rug in today's highly digitized world. State of the art production quality has become so accessible that the average eye has become desensitized to just how interesting, clean and pristine most online content can be these days.

Financially handicapped influencers will need cost-effective tools for making the kind of content they need. Fortunately, Texuh Port has done the digging and research and found some options for getting your content journey started.


    Invest in some video editing software and take Youtube or professional tutorials on how to use them
    If you're not one for the grit of video editing, consider our Video Editing Service to turn your clips into online gold.

    Most times, when video quality looks substantially worse than you feel it should, your problem is inadequate or improper lighting. You don't need massive studio lights for all your content, here are some tools to help you get started. Each of these options can be used as a standalone lighting solution, but your options multiply exponentially when you combine them for dynamic lighting!

    1. For content focused on yourself and your experiences, it will be beneficial to have a Mobile Phone Ring Light, to help with taking selfies, making vlogs, taking headshots, thumbnails or any general content needs. 
      If you're making more on-the-go content, consider this Portable Selfie Ring Light or Mobile Vlogging Kit instead.
    2. If you have a little more cash and are willing to spring for a more dynamic and customizable lighting experience, this Handheld Videography LED does the job for any kind of project!
    3. Planning on making product reviews? Whether product reviews are your "niche" or not it's always good to be prepared to make product content for brands, partnerships or sponsorships. This Photo Studio Lightbox is perfect for taking high-quality pictures of small to medium-sized products. 

    Much like looking great, your content needs to be sonically appropriate and you have to make sure all of the important sounds, dialogue, music and more are clear and not jarring. So it's time to mic up!

    If your content happens out in the streets or on location, consider these portable mobile options:

If your content is stationary, you've got some cheap high-quality options, like:


    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've made a recording and have found an error with your sound or audio (damage, buzzing, noise etc.) our Music & Sound Services can take care of that in a jiffy. 


    Step 4: Network Network Network

    If brands and businesses are not naturally flocking to your content or online presence, introduce yourself to them and let them know how you can help them. 

    You can use little tidbits of data to solidify your outreach like this survey of marketers held by mediakix at the end of 2018 which showed that:

    • 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective.
    • 71% of marketers rate the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing as better than other marketing sources.
    • 89% of marketers say influencer marketing ROI is as good or better than other marketing channels.
    • 65% of marketers planned to up their influencer marketing budgets in 2019.
    • In a survey, 82% of consumers said they were highly likely to follow a micro-influencer recommendation on a product or service.

    These facts work in your favor to push the message that you, your brand, your followership, and your content are a worthwhile investment as a marketing tool.

    Need a little more help to formulate a pitch or getting in touch with the necessary decision-makers? Let us help!


    We could:

    • Design an Optimized Linkedin Ad Campaign to help you reach high-converting people and start the right kinds of conversations with them. Linkedin's ad algorithm allows us to be very specific about who we target and what specific messages they see, allowing us to craft a perfectly branded, easy-follow campaign to capture more leads for you. 
    • Design an Email Marketing Campaign or an Email Newsletter to make sure any brands or businesses on your blog or website's email list knows how to reach out to you for partnerships, without losing the trust of your other followers. 


    Thank you for reading :)