Acasis 10-Port 3.0 USB Splitter

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This 10-Port USB Hub is great for those with multitudes of USB devices and storage keys for one computer system. 

Each port has an on/off switch so unused ports don't drain the power source or your computer's processor.

By plugging the splitter into the wall as well as your computer or laptop, you save your device from having to power all 10 ports or devices at the same time. Thereby taking a massive load off 

Protected against overload, short circuit, overheating and overvoltage. 

High-speed lossless data transfer


Interface Type: USB 3.0
Ports: 10
Standard: USB 3.0
Length: 100cm
Certification: CE/FCC/3C/ROHS
Line length: 100CM
power supply: 10 PORT 12V 4A Power Adapter