Music & Sound Services

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Our music & sound services are designed to help creatives and businesses access the industry-standard in music, audio, game, and marketing for multiple purposes. All of our services come with full broadcast and commercial rights and you get up to 10 revisions to make sure the final product is exactly what you wanted.

Services include

Mixing & Mastering

    • Industry-standard quality for your music in any genre
    • Turn your rough mix or no mix at all into a full-sounding, dynamic, internet and radio-ready masterpiece,
    • Economy
      • Up to 10 audio stems
      • Basic pitch correction
      • Noise reduction
      • Equalization
      • Compression
      • Panning
      • Alignment of double tracks
      • Automations & Saturation
      • Audio Effects
      • Mastering
    • Business
      • Economy+
      • 20 additional stems
      • Advance pitch correction
      • Advanced audio processing

Vocal Editing

    • Fix pitch and timing issues with your vocal tracks
    • Give your vocals the quality you hope for when release time comes.
    • Manual pitch editing instead of autotuning means that the natural sound of your voice doesn't get lost in heavy effects
    • Economy
      • Up to 5 vocal tracks
      • Manual tuning and timing fixes
    • Business
      • Economy+
      • 5 Extra tracks
      • Harmony creation
      • Radio-ready vocals

Audio Repair

    • Surgical edits to low-quality or damaged audio
    • Economy
      • Remove noise, clicks, hums, clips, wind, breaths, etc.
      • Pitch & Tempo Fixes on audio tracks
    • Business
      • Remove specific vocals or instruments from a mix
      • Surgical sound removal

Instrumental and Beatmaking

    • Create instrumentals for your games, videos, original songs or covers in any genre
    • Instrumentals come with a basic mix and can be made with any combination of live and software instruments
    • Discount
      • A simple arrangement of piano/ guitar, bass, and/or drums
      • 3-minute maximum
      • Made to your specifications
    • Economy
      • A complex arrangement with piano/guitar, bass, drums and some synthesizer/ orchestral arrangements
      • 5-minute maximum
      • Made to your specifications
    • Business
      • Complex arrangement with multiple instruments including synthesizers and orchestral arrangements
      • 8-minute maximum
      • Made to your specifications

Song Remixing

    • A remix of your original song and any song of your choosing
    • Genre-switching without problem
    • Geat way to release new content from older projects and get followers and fans reinvested
    • Economy
      • A trap or EDM instrumental created and mixed with your original song/ vocals to create something brilliant and exciting
      • A simple remix to pump new life into your project
    • Business
      • A remix in any genre using your original song or vocals
      • A completely new take and direction to the song, almost like having two different radio-ready songs.
      • A team of 3 world-class engineers ready to make adjustments to your liking 


    • Voiceover work for your ads, games, videos or animations. 
    • A professional actor acts out your script or idea
    • Clear quality and a variety of formats for all your needs
    • Economy
      • Up to 200 words
      • Commercial and Broadcast rights
    • Business
      • Up to 500 words
      • Commercial and Broadcast Rights
      • Script proofreading
      • HQ Audio file