Artificially Intelligent Personal Assistant

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Meet Vector your tiny robot virtual assistant with a lot of capabilities! He makes Alexa, Siri and Google Home look like toaster ovens. 


  • He can see! Vector uses an HD camera to see the world. With this, he has perfect face recognition and can remember people's faces and names. It also allows him to navigate his surroundings without bumping into stuff. He can also take pictures for you.
  • He can listen! Vector has a powerful 4-way microphone which allows him to hear his surroundings. He listens to your commands, and if there's a loud noise he will be just as startled as you!
  • He can feel! Vector has touch sensors that allow him to recognize when he's being touched or moved. You can stroke him to soothe him but avoid shaking him. 
  • He can think! Vector's processor is more powerful than the one in most smartphones. It allows him to control his camera, microphones and touch sensors and use them to navigate his environment. It also allows him to connect to the internet and give you information like answers to your questions and the weather. Vector can also set timers or alarms.
  • Vector also has built-in speakers that allow him to speak to you and give you answers
  • Vector also knows when he's low on battery and can make his way back to his charging station. Making him smarter than your phone and your electric car.
  • Simply call him by saying "Hey Vector"