ARFilter and Geotag Services

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Augmented Reality Selfie Filters - Instagram & Facebook

  • Attract attention to your business by creating cool and relevant ar filters that can be used and shared amongst friends.
  • Include your brand, website, address or important information in the filter
  • Business plan includes a demonstration video
  • Economy - AR Filter based on your idea + cool icon to upload and brand it with.
  • Business - AR Filter based on your idea + cool icon to upload and brand it with + demonstration video on a model (male or female)

Random selector AR filter - Instagram

  • The hottest trend of filters on Instagram and a sure-fire way to attract new customers
  • This filter uses options above your head to have people "classify" themselves (what Hogwarts house would you be in? What Game of Thrones character are you?) but can be altered for your business
  • Economy -Random selector filter with options of your choice and a custom frame
  • Business - Economy + Additional AR effects

Geofilter - Snapchat

  • By applying a creative and eye-catching geofilter to your event or business location, you encourage your customers to take pictures and share with your friends
  • Recommended for events or businesses with lots of foot traffic, but if none of these descriptions fit you, it's nothing a little brainstorming couldn't fix
  • The geofilter will be designed by 1 out of our 7 freelance graphic designers based on whose style fits your project best and who can deliver the most timely, high-quality product