Influencer Research Services

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At Texuh Port, we've helped hundreds of influencers and brands by providing them with products and services that help them build quality content, lifestyles, and networks for the influencer and brand lifestyles

By doing this, we've been able to build a network of influencers and open channels for finding and vetting even more

For this service, we comb through our network to find influencers specific to your niche

For Influencers

We provide information on what niches best suit your content or who your competitors are

For Businesses

  • We verify that their account is active with valid and real engagement
  • We verify if and how they work with brands
  • We provide a template outlining how to make the first interaction and set yourself up for a successful working contract with them
  • We can provide pricing estimates for most influencers to give you a good idea of when you're being oversold or not
  • We then provide a sample step-by-step guide to influencer marketing

Any business owner, expert or intermediate can tell you how effective word of mouth marketing is. That essentially is what this service is about. Word of mouth! But furthermore, the most effective word-of-mouth tool currently available to businesses, Influencer Marketing. What is influencer marketing? Although it has become very popular in recent times, the premise of influencer marketing has been around for ages. Since the time of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Louis Armstrong, popular and local celebrities have been endorsing products, businesses, politicians, ideologies and even religions (a la Tom Cruise) for decades. 

How effective is influencer marketing?

A survey of marketers held by mediakix at the end of 2018 showed that: 

  • 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective. 
  • 71% of marketers rate the quality of customers and traffic from influencer marketing as better than other marketing sources. 
  • 89% of marketers say influencer marketing ROI is as good or better than other marketing channels. 
  • 65% of marketers planned to up their influencer marketing budgets in 2019. 
  • In a survey, 82% of consumers said they were highly likely to follow a micro-influencer recommendation on a product or service. 
  • The influencer marketing industry is set to reach $10 billion by 2020. 

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