About Us

Texuh Port is not a team.
We're a network.


A network of skill and experience pulled from businesses, brands, content creators and influencers around the world. Our products and services are the outcomes of years of experience helping clients strengthen their profitability, sustainability, and brand awareness.

Texuh Port began as Regal Media in 2018 on a mission to empower brick & mortar businesses in Ontario by helping them build better ambiance, work-friendly environments, business practices, and operations. As time went on Regal Media started Texuh Port as a way to keep a catalog of helpful products that clients could look through and pick from, but as time passed Texuh Port grew into its own standalone resource and now has taken over Regal Media's previous clientele and services.


We've become a one-stop resource for any business, brand, content creator, or influencer looking to use technology, marketing and the internet to skyrocket their effectiveness, image and profit! Our products and services are vetted for quality and crafted to the needs of each client so make sure to let us know exactly what you need! Operating out of Oakville Ontario, we source our products from around the world and deliver right to your doorstep with FREE SHIPPING. We have no problem suggesting a solution to any problem your business may be facing; simply contact us!