Bluetooth Open-Ear Smart Glasses

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Functional, but make it fashion.

A product that does it all!


These glasses have you covered! The lenses block blue light and UV rays to prevent eye fatigue, insomnia, and glare. 


2-Way calling allows you to answer phone calls and give voice commands to your in-phone A.I (Siri, Google, Bixby, Alexa, etc.)

Business Uses

Besides protecting the eyes and fatigue of anyone who spends long hours in front of a screen at your business, we've found an alternate use for this product. We suggested this to a client as a replacement for their walkie talkie systems. Employees could simply contact each other by using their smartphones to join the group call hosted on the manager's device and speak through their glasses to stay in contact. It allowed for better mobility with no cords/ wires getting in their way while they worked. 

Using innovative thinking like this is the key to competing in this digital age!