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This eye-catching indoor neon light adds a bright splash of color to the ambiance of your business or workspace. The message from the sign serves as a reminder to your clients, customers, and even employees that pleasure, enjoyment, and luxury is a serious part of your business model. It will make clients more comfortable and confident knowing that what THEY love and what their preferences are will be taken into account. For employees, it acts as a reminder that you want them to enjoy the work they do and be fulfilled by it and makes them more likely to speak up about ways the business could run better. The wonderful unique design also makes it a great attraction for influencer and content creators in your area to stop by and take a picture when they do!

Average Life (hrs): 10000
Color Temp(K): 1000K
Luminous Flux: 2700
Voltage: 110-240V
Beam Angle(°): 10
Color Temperature: <2700K