Portable Finger Power Banks

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Say goodbye to cables and bulky power banks with this gadget that you can fit in the palm of your hand or your key ring. Suitable for charging iPhone, Android and Type C mobile phones in one go! Perfect for emergencies or when you want a lightweight alternative to powering up your devices.

The four portable external battery pieces charge on the magnetic station which also acts as a power bank.


When your extra battery runs out of power? Don't panic, just set it down to charge and grab one of the other ones ready to go!.



Package consists of:


(1) one pc 5000 mAh polymer lithium battery large magnetic power bank


(4) four pcs 1000 mAh polymer lithium battery small magnetic chargers


(1) one pc magnetic head for Apple


(1) one pc magnetic head for Android


(1) one pc Type C magnetic head


(1) one pc micro data cable


Four buckles


How to use: Fully charge large power bank first. After this, you can already charge the finger-sized magnetic chargers on the large power station