SAMSUNG Digital Door Lock

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This digital door lock by electronics giant Samsung is well equipped to grant you safe access to your home and keep intruders out. The zinc alloy handle and steel bolt make for a safe addition to your front door or internal doors. Besides the compatible Bluetooth app, there are multiple ways to gain access:

  1. Biometric Fingerprint Access
  2. Keypad 
  3. 2 tag cards
  4. 5 Keys

The user interface is clear and understandable to let you know whether the door is locked or unlocked as well as if the entry was successful or unsuccessful. Anti-theft measures like the randomizer which encourages you to enter two random numbers before entering your code that way thieves can't use fingerprint technology to determine what your most frequently used numbers are. 

The door handle also lets you know when batteries are running low. The volume is adjustable so that entry isn't always indicated. 

Please check the pictures for size specifications and ensure your door is large enough.