Single Pass Super Plunger

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This sustainably-made power plunger uses blasts of high-pressure air to clear the densest blockages all at the pull of a trigger. In addition to being an excellent plunger, by the same use of technology (and thankfully a different valve), this unit also makes a great pump for bicycles or balls.


1. PANIC! AH! You've clogged it! Is it your toilet? Hopefully, it's yours. It is? Okay so you should have your super plunger nearby. Phew. 

2. Look your atrocity in the eye (or the eye equivalent, I guess?) 

3. Place the barrel into the bowl and place its head firmly in the flush hole

4. Read that blockage its last rites

5. Fire away

Instructions if it's not your toilet:

1. PANIC! OMG PANIC THIS IS NOT A DRILL. CHECK ALL THE THINGS. FIND THEIR SUPER PLUNGER?.....found it? Okay then go to the previous instructions.

2. Didn't find it?....